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DPAT89GRKMWhen converting from a standard local replica to MMR, if replication of the existing local mail DB was disabled then scheduled replication of the MMR...
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ABRR7Z7EBZFinding an available time on a new meeting displayed the wrong time zone indication for a future date. The time zone indication was not updated and...
MJBG7XX45ZFixed an HTTP crash while processing customized holidays, with long names, from Domino Web Access.
FPAI7VBPPNThis fix makes the conflict bar more visible in Calendar summarized views.
THYU7U6DHUFixed problem where Notes would crash after adding Notes Calendar View and Notes Calendar Navigator to a CA.
RKRY7V4TDHFixed problem where side Calendar summary view scrolls to the top on a refresh.
ZSSN82U9KUFixed problem where rolling the mouse wheel would cause Calendar appointments to repeat
MDOY7S8KH9Fixed problem where user was unable to do an inline edit in Calendar summary view, if the Preference "Show Check Marks" was selected
JDAM7XAU24Updated date, timezone and button widths for Extra Large Font support in Reservation, New Reservation and Quick Reservation Forms.
JDAM7X3LYAForm - Resource - Updated column widths to support Extra Large Fonts
NRBY7WZHLZWhen populated iCalendar attendee name lists come into a Domino server, they must be under 32K. However, its possible that they are expanded beyond...
BLIO7U8DQTSPR# BLIO7U8DQT -Notes cannot handle infinite repeat sets and is forced to truncate them to a fininte number of dates. This was handled previously...
SLPI7CG48MSPR# SLPI7CG48M -Updates to a room or resource that crossed multiple instances of a repeating meeting could cause an invitee to see the incorrect...
HYAI82TDG5Fixed problem where a new Group Calendar would fail to save after the browser cache has been cleared
NCTN7XYSL3Fixed problem where the date of the first calendar entry becomes incorrect when repeating calendar is created as Monthly (days).
KYOE7TK8XTFixed problem where the pop up text on the busy time unexpectedly appears when the schedule bar is expanded in Group Calendar view.
SDOY82CKBWAddressed calendar view problems with the default starting day of the week for certain languages.
NBJC7XGM9QFixed problem retrieving schedule details from Free/Busy time information databse in Group Calendar.
SDOY6Z8D73Fixed issues with delegated calendar users not seeing the principal's confidential meeting entries under certain configurations
PLIN7VF5XSAddressed One Work Week calendar view limitation where the user could not specify and display the days in their work week
SDOY7VYCCGAddressed Group Calendar issues retrieving schedule details from Free/Busy time information database.
STAA7XPFW7Fixed issues where the Group Calendar view is not always selected in calendar outline when user selects the View - Group Calendar...
SQZO7YU867 Fixed error when delegated calendar user tries to open private calendar entry without Reader access to the principal's mail file,
TAIA7V3JLHFixed problem where the Participant Status calendar dialog is too small to show the action buttons in the case where invitees have long...
TAIA7WVHV4Fixed problem where the attachment will not be added when updating an existing meeting entry with a new attachment and a new invitee
YKAA7XP667Fixed UI layout issues of Month calendar view display around DST boundary dates
KKOO7ZH55LFixed a Safari 4 problem where you can not open another user's calendar frrom the Group Calendar view
MNAA83CCXEFixed error in rescheduling with comments if calendar view type is switched while editing additional comments.


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